Lactate measurements in judo competition


In this research we have dealed with an internal response of the organism of female judokas on load during the competitions in Slovak republic. We observed the load indirectly, using the blood lactate measurements. We measured the blood lactate after each competitive match in the first, fourth and eight minute. Experimental sample consisted of 8 Slovak female judokas of average age 17,3 (±1,67). We found out average lactate values from the sample analysis of 17 judo matches. The average value of blood lactate after the match was 7,7 (±2,06) mmol/l in the first minute, 6,4 (±1,88) mmol/l in the fourth minute and 5,8 (±2,08) mmol/l in the eight minute. Average values of blood lactate were rising up with increasing time of judo matches in the first, fourth and also eight minute of blood taking.

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  • Mgr. Miloš Štefanovský, PhD.
  • Mgr. Martin Janata