Internal response of organism to load in judo

Internal response of organism to training and competition load in judo


The aim of this study was to compare the measured values of blood lactate after judo training matches – randori and competition matches. The research sample consisted of two male junior judokas (M. P. a P. Ž), representing Slovakia at the age of 20, in two different weight categories (- 66 kg, - 81 kg), practicing judo in judo club Slavia STU Bratislava. The blood lactate measurements were performed in the training process by means of training bouts – randori and during two Slovak competitions after each contest in the third and fifth minute. Globally we have analyzed 27 blood lactate samples in the judo training and 18 from the competitions. We discovered significant differences (p<0,05) between the lactate values in the training 4,11 (± 1,53) mmol/l and competition 6,854 (± 2,053) mmol/l. We can conclude that intensity of training bouts – randori is 7 lower than competition load. This fact is influenced in judo with the: length of fights, number of bouts, fight disposition and volition, quality of opponents, competition importance, stress and other psychological factors.

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  • Mgr. Miloš Štefanovský, PhD.
  • Mgr. Alexandra Péterová
  • PaedDr. Viktor Bielik, PhD.